IRONBOLT is a special Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service (EIPaaS) developed for application embedded analytics.

Different from other IPaaS solutions which mostly evolved from middleware integration technologies, IRONBOLT was designed from the ground up to integrate with cloud data services and to do all the heavy lifting required to handle complex calculations, workflow management and getting the analytics ready to be embedded into customer applications and dashboards.

IRONBOLT’s architecture comprises:

IRONBOLT makes it easy to integrate multiple vendor services, seamlessly offering these services from a single, secure application development and deployment environment.

Applications developed to leverage IRONBOLT as a back-end benefit from a scalable, cloud-based elastic platform powered with rich analytics and purpose-built data processing engines and integration services.

IRONBOLT Hosted Solutions

Pay Allowance Costing Engine


Calculating Pay Allowances can be a daunting task. Manual data capture of hours worked and allowance calculation via spreadsheets make the task labour intensive and are a common source of manual errors resulting in staff complaints and compliance issues. Knowing and being able to demonstrate that your staff are being paid correctly gives everyone great peace of mind.

IRONBOLT Pay Allowance Costing Engine integrates with your project/job planning and payroll systems and applies complex allowance calculation rules that streamline the whole process and give you assurance that your payroll costs are well managed. Integrated analytics to allow you to measure and analyse job and staff costs.

a payroll costing system that works for you
  • Project/Job planning integration
  • Track billable & non-billable hours
  • Skill based allowances
  • RDO calendar
  • Site and height allowances
  • Travel time
  • Away from home allowances
  • Third-party API integration
  • Customisable allowances & deductions
  • Role based security
  • Project/Job costing reporting
  • Work site activity reporting
  • Customisable payroll integration
  • Tablet app for time sheet capture
  • Integrated Allowances Analytics

Venue Booking Engine


Managing venue bookings is not a simple task. It involves a lot of moving parts and numerous people, including venue providers, caterers, cleaners and event producers, who need to clearly communicate and coordinate their actions to ensure events and functions run smoothly.

IRONBOLT Venue Booking Engine simplifies the information workflow, ensuring that the important details are captured and processed efficiently, keeping people up-to-date with what is going on. Integrated analytics to allow you to measure and analyse venue and event performance.

a venue booking system that works for you
  • Manage bookings for multiple venues and spaces
  • Quote engine
  • Online Bookings and Secure Payments
  • Integrated Customer Management
  • Supplier Management
  • Calendar Management
  • Integrated Venue and Event Analytics

Membership Management


Managing membership for your club or organisation is a serious business with a lot of things to do and keep track of: onboarding new members; managing renewals; meetings and activities; suppliers, invoices and payments; renewals and receipts; plus organising all the meetings, minutes and member communications.

IRONBOLT Membership Management Engine simplifies membership lifecycle management. From online membership applications, payments and renewals, rich support for tracking member communications, activities and events. Integrated analytics to enable you to measure and analyse membership and financial performance. Automated workflows make it easy to distribute tasks and keep everyone informed.

Special features for Sport, Health and Fitness include member/athlete training program scheduling and tracking, competition achievement, group event participation, integration with Sporting Association data, equipment booking and asset tracking, athlete performance and season analytics.

a membership management system that works for you
  • Online membership applications
  • Reviews, approvals and workflow control
  • Online secure payments
  • Membership renewal invoicing
  • Integrated Membership and Financial Analytics
  • Training and competition tracking
  • Third-party API integration with Sporting Associations
  • Equipment booking and asset tracking
  • Role based security
  • Project/Job costing reporting

Accreditation Management


Failure to keep track of professional accreditation renewals can turn into a big headache, especially in regulated industries and occupations.

IRONBOLT Accreditation Management Solution simplifies accreditation lifecycle management. By keeping a live map of occupations and certification requirements within your business, IRONBOLT workflows enable your employees and contractors to keep track of their training and testing obligations.

IRONBOLT keeps detailed accreditation history of each employee and contractor and takes care of all the renewal calendars, reminders, alerts and escalation, keeping everyone informed. The self-service portal enables users to upload their training and testing certificates of completion, while live integration with Accreditation Authorities help you ensure that your business is always compliant, cutting down the time spent chasing individuals and filing documents.

an accreditation management system that works for you
  • Online certification self-service portal
  • Individual training and re-testing calendar
  • Activity & renewals history
  • Certificate upload and workflow
  • Email and SMS reminders
  • Escalation and warnings
  • Optional payroll system integration
  • API integration with Accreditation Authorities and Professional Associations
  • First Aid and other certifications management
  • Role based security
  • Reporting by occupation and accreditation
  • Embedded accreditation analytics & graphs

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